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About us

General considerations

Some of us prefer exclusively to go light tackle fishing with a dry fly, for others rod and streamer can't be big and robust enough. Whether trouts in New Zealand, salmon in Norway or tropical saltwater fishing in the Carribbean, each instructor has gained ample experience in his preferred area and can contribute his insight continuously to the Casting-Clinic. However varied the team may be, we definitely share one thing in common and that is the never ending passion for a fishing method which is said to be the most laborious and difficult but at the same time the most beautiful and exciting way of catching a fish: fly fishing!
The composition of our team of fly fishing instructors couldn't be more diverse as the instructors do not only differ as far as their age, physical constitution and personalities are concerned, but also with regard to everyone's way of fishing substantial differences do exist.

Everyone does have his own special preferences and strengths, as a result everyone has piled up different experiences. In a nutshell, the team of the casting-clinic is just as multifaceted as fly fishing itself.
streamstalkin' 24/7
For us, who devote all of our spare time to go hunting with the fishing rod, preferably 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the denomination "stalker" fits best. That's why we created "streamstalkin' 24/7", a small circle of fishing and casting maniacs out of which the Casting-Clinic's co-founders and instructors were recruited.

In addition to the members of the Casting-Clinic, Olaf Lindner, Kevin Prüsener and Noel Schuler form part of  "streamstalkin' 24/7".
streamstalker 24/7 logo Most of our instructors can refer to more annual fishing days than a lot of fishermen during their entire career.

Worn-out fishing lines after just a few weeks, completely destroyed waders after a month's use or rod guides that show severe damage after a year, those are just a few examples of how intensively the majority of us are crazy about fishing. And let's be frank: you need to be at least a little crazy to be that much into fly fishing!
Our self-understanding
of flaura and fauna, to comprehend the complex biological issues in and along the waters and to consequently support nature's preservation and protection. The lived awareness for nature conservation constitutes an indispensable task and, at the same time, a continuous challenge for us, no matter where and what, i.e. at the local creeks, in tropical waters, regarding natural regenaration programmes or the worldwide protection of sharks, small things or big things.
Link to SharkProjectLet's set aside our passion for an instant: for us, fly fishing is not just the equivalent of a mere recreational activity or of the permanent wish to start an exciting hunt going after prey.

We rather understand fly fishing as a great opportunity to grasp nature in its outstanding diversity
Our concept
and the establishment of an ample network, both local, national and international, with the idea that participants in our courses can benefit from those advantages. The broad range of know-how of our team regarding different casting styles, fishing tackle or special characteristics of certain waters enables us to adequately cope with the trend of increasing specialization on the one hand as well as to, more importantly, satisfy the needs and demands of our clients on the other.
concept From the very beginning one of the integral parts of our concept has been the target to cover as many different areas of fly fishing as possible with qualified and highly motivated instructors. We want the accumulated expertise of a competent group of people to stand out rather than the isolated knowledge or talent of one sole instructor. Thereby we strive for mutual efficiency control, a permanent exchange of experience
prepare for an entry into fly fishing, on the same token we are working on developing an attractive offer for kids and teenagers.

The content of our webpage will be continuously expanded. We will regularly release reports and instruction manuals that in the medium term will be complemented by video clips.
outlook To keep on ensuring an ample set of services in the future, we will constantly expand our offer of courses and increase the number of instructors, particularly in the field of two handed rods in order to account for the increasing interest in this type of fly fishing. We also intend to enlarge our offer for fishing clubs to