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Andreas Funk's profile

Born and raised in the middle of the low mountain range Taunus, in Hesse, Germany, Andreas learned to appreciate the variety of the domestic rivers from childhood on. The countless hours he spent there, do not only help him to understand the fish and their behavior, but also to advocate for the protection and preservation of the native biota. For Andreas, knowing a water does not only mean, where which kind of fish lingers, but rather understand all kinds of complex processes, that seem to be insignificant for others at first glance.

Andreas does not have a pronounced preference for certain waters as he feels that every single water sprays its own kind of charm, and the nearly endless seeming possibilities of fly fishing take him to the water almost every day. Brown trout or grayling from oligotrophic streams, carps from eutrophic lakes, or huge pike from big rivers, for him, every fish species is interesting, and every single fish is something special, and has to be treated with respect.

Ultra-lighttackle-fishing in the “green hell”, amidst thorny bushes, winter fishing with temperatures down to -20°Celsius and surroundings coated by snow and ice when the tackle is taken to its limit, or 50m wide rivers, requiring to carry the rod in the mouth when swimming over to the opposite shore to achieve a promising spot - these are just some adventures that are no way too crazy for Andreas, explaining in short why flyfishing became his lifetime passion.

Andreas ownes a small and idyllically situated lake, where mainly salmonides live in, that also serves as location for private Casting-Clinic courses. In spite of the lake's artificial origin, Andreas managed, applying his knowledge in aquatic ecology, to turn the lake into a well regulated ecosystem.

Andreas was born in Weilburg, 60 km from Frankfurt, his professional life is dominatd by his job as an electrical engineering technician. He is very engaged in aquatic ecology and in his spare time he works as a salmon-attendant. Languages: German native speaker, English fluent, basics in French.