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Florian Böttcher's profile

Florian has been fishing since his youth around the different waters of Northern Germany with his particular interest being chasing salmonides in waters of whatever kind. At the same time, he likes to fish greyling and trouts with nymphs and light tackle. As the Midland canal and the river Leine flow close by his parents' house at spitting distance, he also knows how to go after big predators such as pike, pike perch and the like. He has developed a particular fly fishing passion for bass he usually hunts during summer evenings with small popper flies.

At the Casting-Clinic, Florian takes care of the advanced participants. The optimization of the overhead cast, the quick teaching of the double haul - getting across the particularly tricky casts, both for one handed and two handed rods, that's Florian's task. With his competent, target-oriented and at the same kind pleasant and kind way of being, he was able to cure many an allegedly hopeless case in the Clinic.

Florian was born in 1988 in Hannover. Currently, he studies chemistry at the Leibnitz university in Hannover. Apart from fly fishing he dedicates a lot of his spare time to photography. Languages: German native speaker, English fluent, basics in French.