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With just two different patterns, Kurt fishes throughout the entire season: He uses either the deer hair sedge or his "Zuma".

Kurt Zumbrunn's profile

Even though the length of his beard cannot yet keep up with the Alpöhi's (remember the anchoretic grandpa that live secluded in the Swiss mountains out of Johanny Spyri's "Heidi" novel), Kurt is our mountaineer. He knows the mountain rivers and streams surrounding the Susten and Grimsel like no-one else. When fishing, Kurt exclusively uses dry flies.

Given that he has never ever fished anywhere else but around his home region, he has never caught fish species other than brown trout, salvelinus namaycush, lake trout, brook trout and char.

When fishing, Kurt only uses split cane rods crafted by hand all by himself. At the same time, he rarely uses lines beyond class 4#. At first sight, this may appear to be an elitist style, yet - far from it! That's what Kurt knows and masters best, turning him into the team's dry fly fisher par excellence.

After all, Kurt' s way of casting is perfectly set up to deal with the tricky conditions present around the mountain creeks and streams, the location he is most passionate about.

Kurt is leaseholder and co-leaseholder of various mountain and high mountain waters, eg the Miserenbächli, the Gentalbach or the Gadenlauisee. During the summer months, Kurt offers guided tours around the mountain rivers and lakes located around the Sustenpass and the Grimselpass.

With his wife Vreni, Kurt operates the Reichenbach Lodge, a lodging facility that particularly caters to fly fishers. The Reichenbach Lodge is the home base for a lot of streamstalkin' activities, for meetings, tours and the special event Casting-Clinic in the Bernese Oberland.

Kurt is first secretary of the fishing club Oberhasli, secretary at Simfly Switzerland as well as instructor for the "SANA-Sachkundenachweis", the Swiss fishing license, comparable to the German sport fishing exam.

During the winter months, fly casting and fishing around the Oberhasli become less frequent activities for Kurt as you will most likely find him in his workshop pursuing the handcraft fabrication of split cane rods - his other passion.

Kurt has developed different fabrication methods and techniques for split cane rods all by himself, such as the 13-fold split cane rod. He loves to share his knowledge regarding rod fabrication and fishing, particularly with interested young people. Working with the youth is one of his main concerns as thereby he can also proactively seek to raise the level of consciousness for sustainable fishing as well as the protection of ressources around the Bernese Alps.

Kurt Zumbrunn was born in Meiringen, Switzerland, in 1963 and ever since he has lived there. He is married and a father of three sons. Languages: German (mother tongue), French (fluent), English (basic understanding).