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Michael Winterberg's profile

For Michael, the attractiveness of fly fishing consists in the constant challenge of bringing his skills to perfection in this "art" with the idea of reducing the effects of luck or coincidence to a minimum.

To be equipped with only the bare tackle necessities and without any further ballast, that's Michael's understanding of the essence of the fascination and charm connected to this way of "fish hunting".

Michael has done fly fishing successfully all around the world: North and South America, Asia, Africa and not least Europe, on these fishing trips to exotic and distant regions such as Indonesia, Thailand and India, the fishing rod is his permanent companion.

Trouts in Iceland, jacks in Mexico, bonefish in Venezuela or tigerfish in Namibia, Michael is up for anything and the more exotic a fishing territory, the more Michael feels tempted. At least once a year, Michael leaves for saltwater fishing, preferably in tropical areas around the equator with their wonderful, unique, species-rich and hot waters.  There, he doesn't need annoying waders, thick boots or even protection against rain, but just light clothes. Michael is a fair-weather angler who hates nothing more than to be exposed to cold temperatures and rain.

Michael loves the extremes, not only as far as the selection of fishing grounds all around the world is concerned, but also regarding the rods and reels he uses. He is particularly into fishing with rods of high line classes, e.g. #12, just as he likes ultra-lighttackle-fishing with splitcane rods when hunting trouts or graylings.

Michael is the senior of the team as well as co-founder of the Casting-Clinic. Apart from his duties as instructor, Michael takes care of the administration, the web site and the editing. Languages: German native speaker, English fluently.